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Midnight Stoneware Mug

Midnight Stoneware Mug

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HÔTEL827 This is a midnight mug featuring a ton-down yellow body handwriting French with the third theme theme, It's Midnight in Paris. The combination of unique colors is the unique vintage mood of Hotel 827, which can be a point at the table or a special gift for your loved ones.

To express the delicate and natural brush touch of the handwritten HÔTEL827, you need to go through the demanding color decomposition/ contrast/ concentration/ production work of long-time skilled people, not the usual transcription printing method, all of which are done by hand.

It is characterized by natural expression, but not all products are represented equally, and has a unique smearing/color. Feel the vintage and natural sensibility of Hotel 827 unique through this process.

With a generous size mug, it can be used in various ways such as soup, tea, coffee, etc., which is good to enjoy the warmth of the cold season.




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