About us

OIAMODA J is a stylish women's clothing boutique that was established in 2019. OIAMODA J, a start-up company, is a boutique-style retailer of women's clothing and accessories from South Korea. With over 6 years of experience in online clothing selling, and 2 years of experience in-store operation, owner Xiaochen Ji has gathered the expertise to complement and grow the business. Why Seoul, South Korea is the hottest fashion city in Asia? It began with K-pop, moved in K-beauty, and now K- fashion is the next logical move. K-fashion is not high-end fashion, but more influenced by K-pop stars and K-entertainment of affordable street fashion. It is a new fashion of streetwear, vintage clothing, and tailored clothing by an eclectic mix. OIAMODA J offers customers a wide selection of fashion products.