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la Magie Stackable Bowl (Bleu)

la Magie Stackable Bowl (Bleu)

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HÔTEL827 Volume.4 Theme, tailored to “Sometimes Magic Happens”, the la Magie Tableware Series is crafted with a refreshed, bright and vINTAGE mood for the mysterious magical story of everyday life that I want to be with you forever. The rounded square-shaped la Magie Bowl creates a pleasant balance with any tablewear with a light, simple shape and soft creamy body color, handwriting them all to maximize the naturalness, and the points written using a water-watering watercolor brush add a relaxing and relaxing mood to the European mood. It is made to stack layers into several layers, so it is easy to store, and it is good to enjoy a variety of foods such as rice, soup, or yogurt.



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